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WL-228W RF433 Wireless Smoke Detector

WL-228W RF433 Wireless Smoke Detector


Work with alarm system that support RF433 communication like 10GDT and TY-24WT.


WL-228W: RF433 Wireless smoke detector
WL-228D: Independent smoke detector
WL-228G: GSM smoke detector

  • Power supply: DC9V (6F22 battery)
    Detection area: 20㎡
    Transmitting frequency: 433MHz
    Transmitting distance: ≤150m(in open area) 
    Installation height: 1.7 to 2.5m(2.2m is proposed)
    Sound level: ≤85dB/m
    Programmer code: 1527
    Working current: ≤10uA
    Alarm current: ≤30mA
    Operating temperature: -10℃~ +55℃
    Relative  humidity: ≤95% RH (non-condensing)
    Unit size(mm): 115*115*42

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