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IFREEQ History

IFREEQ Co.,Ltd is a Chinese home automation company founded in 2015. Mainly provide electric, home security products and services.The company makes a hub(also called "gateway" or"smart controller"), cloud platform, and mobile App(called 'Q smart') for smart home and the consumer of IoT.

The idea for IFREEQ was conceived by the founder Jason Zhang in the 2015 when his friend mentioned 'wireless switch' with him. Mr. Zhang noted that the smart products for home use have big market requirements.

In August 2015, IFREEQ makes the smart plug, it covers US, EU, UK standard. Popular over Europe and The United States.

IFREEQ began developing its Wi-Fi smart switches in March 2016, and got good feedback during Global source exhibition in Hong Kong.

In 2017, IFREEQ made the Zigbee hub for smart switches, detectors. It increased the number of connections of smart devices.

In 2018, IFREEQ made the GSM+Wi-Fi home use alarm system, it can link with kinds of detectors like gas detector, water detector, temperature and humidity sensor.

In 2019, IFREEQ introduced Zigbee3.0 products.

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