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Home Security Solutions

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The security solution covers hardware, software, platforms and end-to-end algorithm systems, providing outstanding performance and comfortably responding to different types of security application scenarios.

The product uses high-performance hardware with cutting-edge computing capabilities, high sensitivity and fast response.

Low power consumption and low cost are implemented through built-in Wi-Fi, Zigbee and BLE low-power consumption wireless modules, allowing easy interconnection with home security networks and security systems.

Strong Performance

Platform & Services

Tuya Smart IoT Platform comprises embedded network modules to make lighting and switches, sensors and plugs, or cameras and appliances seamlessly connect to the IoT, tailored app development, and the world’s fastest cloud service spanning every continent.

Universal Connectivity

Tuya’s embedded modules add Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or GPRS wireless IoT connectivity to any device.

  • 30,000+ smart device designs​

  • From electrical plugs and switches to surveillance and large appliances

Flexible App Solutions

Use our standard App out of the box or customize your own version for your customers.

  • 1 Day Custom App Development

  • 1 Week Prototype Testing

  • 1 Month or 2 Weeks Mass Production Ready

Globally Deployed Smart Cloud

Supports connected products all over the world and millions of users simultaneously.

  • 190+ Countries

  • 50 billion Daily Device Requests

  • 18 ms Average Response Time

Globally Applicable

A Globally Smart Cloud

Plug and play through global cloud deployment, best in response time. Tuya Smart’s proprietary system has developed its solutions to 200 countries and regions.

Rapid Development

10 minutes for App development , 1 day to get your prototype and mass production ready in 15 days.

Low Development Cost

Embedded modules with International certifications for bulk purchase; Integrated development of the device, cloud and end user interface saves costs greatly.

Flexible OEM Services

Customize the product to meet the needs for different brands. Generating App easily and automatically improves the innovation of the product.

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Embedded Modules

Modules powered by Tuya support mainstream protocols on global market such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth. Embedded program will be generated for you based on your chosen functions.

TYBT1 Bluetooth Module

Powered by Tuya / Low-power consumption

Recommend for :MCU, Socket, Switch, Light


TYBT2 Bluetooth Module

Powered by Tuya / Low-power consumption

Recommend for : Normal temperature, Home Appliance

Size: 15×16.5×3mm

TYBT4 Bluetooth Module

Powered by Tuya / Low-power consumption

Recommendec for : Home Appliance, Socket, Switch, Light

Size: 15×15.2×3mm

Independently developed, safe and reliable with ultra-low power consumption, applicable for smart appliances, smart home, surveillance equipment and so on.The above three modules are certified by Bluetooth SIG.

Compatible Platforms
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