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Since 2015, founders of IFREEQ Technologies are planning the Home Automation business. And we cooperate with Tuya Smart since 2017, we are creating smart life.

About Tuya Smart

Tuya is a global "AI+IoT" developer platform, and the world's leading voice AI interactive platform, connecting consumers, manufacturing brands, OEMs and retail chains, providing customers with a one-stop artificial intelligence Internet of Things solution, and covering hardware access, cloud services and App development, forming a closed loop of AI + manufacturing, providing technology and business model upgrade services for business with consumer IoT smart devices, in order to meet consumers' higher demands for hardware products.

As of the end of October 2018, Tuya Smart has served 93,000 customers worldwide, connecting more than 100 million smart products in the market, creating a completely neutral "AI+IoT" model for empowering products, with total product listings of more than 30,000, selling to nearly 200 countries and regions. On the global IoT cloud platform with a distributed architecture, the daily processing device requests have reached nearly 50 billion times, daily voice AI interaction has exceeded 20 million times, and the accumulated data volume has reached 15 petabytes.

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Tuya platform fully supports Amazon Echo, Google Home, TMALL GENIE and other mainstream smart control terminals; Realize multiple ways of creating interactions and application scenarios for smart products.

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