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  • Work with echo show

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Long serving & large storage space

  • Get alerts with abnormal movement

Security Camera

Functions Supported

Optional Functions

motion detector.png

Motion Detector

Mirror image.png

Mirror Image

360 pan&tilt rotate.png

360 pan

Decibel Detect.png

DB Detector

HD, SD switch.png

HD, SD Switch

devices share.png

Device Share

two-way audio.png

Two-way Audio



Compatible Platforms

nest icon.png

Embedded Modules Globally Applicable

Modules powered by Tuya support mainstream protocols on global market such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth. Embedded program will be generated for you based on your chosen functions.

TYBT1 Bluetooth Module

Powered by Tuya / Low-power consumption

Recommend for :MCU, Socket, Switch, Light


TYBT2 Bluetooth Module

Powered by Tuya / Low-power consumption

Recommend for : Normal temperature, Home Appliance

Size: 15×16.5×3mm

TYBT4 Bluetooth Module

Powered by Tuya / Low-power consumption

Recommendec for : Home Appliance, Socket, Switch, Light

Size: 15×15.2×3mm

Independently developed, safe and reliable with ultra-low power consumption, applicable for smart appliances, smart home, surveillance equipment and so on.The above three modules are certified by Bluetooth SIG.

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