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    • Tuya Smart announces Global Brand Empowering Project at IFA 2018

      August 29, 2018. Tuya Smart, the world’s leading AIoT (AI+IoT) platform, today announced at IFA 2018 in Berlin its Global Brand Empowering Project. With the aim of bringing internet connectivity to mainstream B2C brands that would otherwise not have the technological know-how to transform their products into smarthome compatible devices, Tuya Smart is continuing its mission to help more than 10,000 enterprises make their services and products smarter across the globe. From September, Tuya will begin strategic collaboration with German, Spanish, Italian and American manufacturers, OEMs and brands, to create a “Powered by Tuya” label that will turn traditional consumer electronic brands into leading references in the AI+IOT industry. Tuya Smart is already collaborating with brands such as TCL and recently announced a new partnership with French multinational electronics company Archos. Smart Interconnected Platform Innovation Award Also at IFA, Tuya Smart announced that it has been awarded a prize by IFA and IDG for its innovative solutions in the smart platform sector. The IFA Product Technical Innovation Award 2018 for Smart Interconnected Platform Innovation will be presented to Tuya Smart founder and COO Alex Yang on September 1 at 10.45am, between Hall 5.2 & 6.2. Speaking of the award, Alex Yang said: “Tuya Smart is honoured to have been awarded this prestigious prize at Europe’s biggest tech tradeshow. We firmly believe in our ambition to revolutionize the smart home market through our AI+IoT solutions, so it is very encouraging to be recognized by IFA and the International Data Group, who we thank enormously.” Going to IFA? Join Tuya Smart in Hall 26 – Stand 226 If you will be at IFA, don’t forget that you can discover for yourself the amazing Smart Home Experience Zone with Tuya’s Alexa-controlled lights, curtains and security cameras, at Tuya Smart’s stand: Hall 26 - Stand 226. On the stand, product managers and technicians will be at hand to explain the devices’ respective functions which can be set and controlled via app or voice. Tuya Smart Co-Founder and COO Alex Yang will also be available for interview on the stand to discuss the future of Tuya Smart as well as the role of AIoT in our daily lives. A special cocktail for the press will be held on August 31 and on September 1 from 3pm to 5pm. About Tuya Smart Tuya Smart makes technology solutions for OEMs, turning traditional devices such as lighting sockets into IoT-connected devices for the smart home. Tuya Smart has developed thousands of software and hardware products for companies including TCL and Archos, and currently serves over 10,000 clients across the globe, reaching millions of consumers with over 20 billion daily device requests and more than 6 million daily AI interactions. Tuya’s cloud service, which has accumulated data upwards of 1PB (petabyte), complies with high-level encryption technology to guarantee its client’s data security with GDPR certification. Founded in 2014, Tuya Smart has offices in Silicon Valley and has data centres in Portland (Oregon, US) and Frankfurt (Germany). Tuya Smart is the first global platform that fully works with Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT. (Original link:

    • Security Solution from Tuya Empowers Video Surveillance Manufactures with Easy Access to Echo Show

      HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As a strategic partner of Amazon and the world's first platform that is compatible with Amazon's Alexa, Tuya Smart announce today the launch of its new "Echo Show accessible" smart camera platform, the world's first platform that is accessible to Amazon's Echo Show. Following Amazon's release of the Echo Show and its access function to smart cameras, Tuya Smart's camera team has taken large strides in the development of this new security solution, allowing camera manufacturers with low R&D abilities an easy access to Echo Show. After Siri has introduced the smart voice assistant, Amazon has been attempting to expand this concept into our homes through Echo. With Echo, people can control smart devices, play music and shop online via voice, an idea also pursued by Google and Apple. This June, Amazon has introduced a new product named Echo Show. It is equipped with a 7-inch screen, designed around Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, and aims to enhance the perception and visual performance while strengthening the Echo device's communication ability with other devices. Between physical control and smart phone "app" control, people are increasingly preferring to control their smart devices with voice and visual interaction, therefore making this newly released product popular in North America and Europe. Many Echo customers have remained loyal and bought the new Echo Show after experiencing the smart voice control with Alexa. European and American markets contain a greater number of "smart homes", in effect, causing greater demands and expectations for visual interaction products. Echo Show has video camera access capabilities, and the video cameras compatible with this function are twice as expensive as normal smart cameras. Users can integrate video cameras around their house to the Amazon Echo Show. For example, by simply saying "Alexa, show me the front door", or "Alexa, show me the baby room", the user can see the live images captured by cameras through Echo Show. Seizing the Potential in Smart Camera Market Currently, there are only a few video camera models which are compatible with Echo Show globally. A normal smart camera is priced at about 60 dollars, but with the function of access to Echo Show, most of these cameras are over 200 dollars. However still, customers are not detracted by the price tag and still willing to pay for such products. Seeing the potential in this market, camera manufacturers all over the world are diving into the research and development of this field. The access to Echo Show requires excellent hardware performance, a mature cloud service system and vast experience in Alexa development. Unfortunately, there are only a few products that have met such requirements and this field is still relatively undeveloped in China. With access to Tuya Smart's platform, camera products can also gain access to Echo Show within a few days, which will greatly strengthen their competitiveness in overseas markets. This is particularly helpful to the camera manufacturers with low R&D abilities. Firstly, the Tuya platform is charged in a one-time, lifelong, platform-based and transparent manner, therefore the manufacturers need not invest ten to one hundred times the funds originally required on technology development. Secondly, manufacturers can quickly release the finished smart cameras with access to Echo Show and greatly shorten the development period. With low investment costs, short R&D cycle and excellent compatibility, smart cameras with access to Tuya Smart Platform will become highly competitive products. Different development solutions can meet the requirements of different manufacturers. Tuya Smart supports a variety of products: normal cameras; PTZ cameras; visual doorbells; low-power camera; baby monitors; and offers complete cloud solutions. Basic cloud services: a solution for the complete P2P services (including P2P forwarding) and improved user account system, OTA upgrade hosting, and visual management of operating background systems. Alibaba Cloud + Amazon-based video cloud storage service: a solution with military-grade security encryption technology, to effectively ensure data security and make life easier for enterprises and consumers. Tuya Smart will continue expanding cloud third-party services, Echo Show, Google Home, IFTTT, and other integrated services, making IPC more scalable. About Tuya Smart Tuya Smart is a world-wide smart platform that enables products smarter for consumers, brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains. It provides users with a one-stop AI IoT solution that covers hardware access, cloud services and App software development, forming a service closed-loop of AI + manufacturing. Up to early November of 2017, Tuya Smart products have covered 200 countries and regions including China, the United States, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, serving over 10,000 clients across the globe and reaching millions of consumers. Tuya Smart receives daily Device Requests of over 20 billion times, daily AI interactions over 5 million times and its accumulated data has reached 1PB. (Original link: )

    • LifeSmart ‘Spot’

      Important Note: For reasons unknown at this time, the LifeSmart app (client version 1.1.8p3 and above) for iOS no longer has the HomeKit code generating feature, so you will be unable to add the Smart Station or Smart Alarm to HomeKit. SPOT gives you total control of your home environment and more ways to simplify your life. In addition to replacing traditional home theatre remote controls with control from your phone or tablet, SPOT also interacts with other LifeSmart Smart Home products when paired with Smart Station to automatically trigger your devices upon entering a room and more. Control air conditioning or heat pumps and any other infrared controlled devices using your own creative ideas. SPOT features 16 million color illuminations to add ambience to your home and can perfectly functions as a night light. Features *Unique Exterior Design *16 Million Color Night Light *Convenient USB Charge Port *Useful Desktop Storage *Smart Voice Control Specs *Working Humidity:5~90% *Working Temperature:-20~40℃ *Power:≤1.3W *Input Voltage:5V DC *IR Frequency:38K

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      Back to all products Product+ Powered by Tuya Inquire Now ELECTRICAL SECURITY PRODUCT+ Sort By Collection All Alarm Accessories K905 Accessories Gateway&Hub Lighting Socket+ Switch+ Pet Product Pre Price $3.00 $200.00 Color Power 10W 3W 5W type Dimmable Normal Sort by Quick View ELS-C001 Tuya Smart Cat Litter Box Quick View S06 Tuya Wi-Fi/IR Controller(Infrared gateway) Quick View BRT-370 PIR sensor switch Quick View BRT-371 PIR sensor dimmable switch Quick View KD-11A/KD-11A010V dimmer switch Quick View KU-15T wall outlet/socket Quick View KU-15TC Type-C DP3.0 wall outlet Quick View KU-15TQ QC3.0 wall outlet/socket More >

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      Back to all products Electrical Powered by Tuya Inquire Now ELECTRICAL SECURITY PRODUCT+ Filter Collection All Wi-Fi switch Wi-Fi socket Wi-Fi smart plug Wi-Fi thermostat Module&breaker INT Standard EU/RU IT/BR/AU/SA UK/ASIA US/MX Protocol Wi-Fi Switch Wi-Fi socket Sort by Quick View QS-ZIGBEE-S05-L Tuya Zigbee Switch Module Quick View QS-WIFI-C01-RF Tuya WIFI+RF Curtain Switch Module Quick View QS-ZIGBEE-S04-2C-N/L 2 Channels Tuya Zigbee Switch Module Quick View MJ-SD02 US standard Tuya Wi-Fi dimmer switch Quick View SDS118-01TG US standard Tuya Wi-Fi dimmer switch Quick View u370 Tuya Wi-Fi PIR sensor switch Quick View u371 Tuya Wi-Fi PIR sensor dimmable switch Quick View SS118-01K2 Tuya Wi-Fi motion sensor smart light switch More >

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      Back to all products Security Powered by Tuya Inquire Now ELECTRICAL SECURITY PRODUCT+ Filter Collection All Alarm Camera Detector/sensor Lock Protocol Bluetooth RF433 Wi-Fi Zigbee Sort by Quick View G200 Fingerprint Glass Door Lock Quick View P22+ Tuya Bluetooth Electronic Padlock Quick View WG-088 Wi-Fi Garage Opener Door Controller Quick View WG001-D1 Wireless Garage Door Controller Quick View TF-LB38R Touch Free Elevator Button Quick View GX5 Tuya Wi-Fi battery powered smart camera Quick View A3 pro Tuya Wi-Fi battery powered smart camera with solar panel Quick View A3 Tuya Wi-Fi battery powered smart camera More >

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