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TY-24WT Wi-Fi+GSM Alarm Kit

TY-24WT Wi-Fi+GSM Alarm Kit


Work with below products:


  1. WL-8W RF433 Wireless remote control
  2. WL-16AW RF433 Wireless signal repeater for alarm system
  3. WL-19CW RF433MHz Wireless door window magnetic contact sensor
  4. WL-106AW RF433MHz Wireless outdoor siren
  5. WL-108W RF433MHz Wireless solar outdoor strobe siren
  6. WL-228W RF433 Wireless smoke detector
  7. WL-806W RF433 Wireless PIR motion sensor
  8. WL-878 RF433 Wireless water leakage detector
  9. WL-938 RF433 Wireless gas leak detector
  • Model: TY-24WT
    Power supply: DC9V-12V
    Back-up battery: Polymer battery, 500mA, 7.4V
    Standby current: <50mA
    Alarm current: <450mA
    Wireless frequency: 315/433MHz
    Encoding: 1527/2264
    GSM operating frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz (Option)
    Casing materials: ABS
    Operating conditions: 
    Temperature: -10℃~ +55℃
    Relative humidity: ≤95%RH(No congelation)
    Buit-in siren loudness: 90db (Internal siren)
    Unit size: 15*15*9cm

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