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TF-LB38R Touch Free Elevator Button

TF-LB38R Touch Free Elevator Button

  • Innovative Light Sensing Technology
    Say goodbye to contact. Prevent cross-propagation of bacteria. Using light-sensitive modulation and demodulation. No interface and disturbed signals, Non-contact induction by hand(or reflective object).
  • The distance between the finger and the button can be sensed within 2 – 4cm, the blue light will be illuminated immediately after the induction is successful, indicating that the elevator is waiting.

TF-LB38R Series Touch Free Elevator Button

    • Working Voltage: DC12V
    • Sandby/Working Current: About 15mA
    • Principle: Light reflection
    • Output Terminals: NO, COM
    • Material: PC+Stainless Steel
    • Durability: 1,000,000
    • Working Temperature: -20℃ – +50℃
    • Working Humidity: 0 – 90%
    • Color Indicator:
      Standby: No Light
      Active: Blue Light
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