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K7 BLE Door Lock

K7 BLE Door Lock


K7 is a BLE lock based on Tuya Smart Platform.


The lock has fingerprint, password, MF card, single verification and combination unlocking is suitable for indoor or anti-thief door installation. Users can install and replace it independently, and the operation is simple.


The lock is equipped with voice navigation, temporary password mobile APP management, lock operation prompt, etc. It can also remotely unlock and manage through the Bluetooth gateway network.


After connect to the Internet, it supports the voice unlocking of Amazon speakers and Google Speakers, which is convenient for the management of rental rooms and homestay.

  • Model K7
    Power 6V - DC
    Power Method 4 x AAA | Micro USB
    Quiescent Current ≤70uA
    Dynamic Current ≤300mA
    Drive Load Capacity ≤300mA
    Low Voltage Alarm ≤4.8V
    Fingerprint Sensor Semiconductor
    Network BLE
    Unlock Method Fingerprint + Password + Card(IC) + App + Key
    App Control Tuya Smart / Smart Life / OEM App
    Material Aluminum Alloy + Plastic
    Door Thickness 30mm - 100mm
    Fingerprint 100
    IC Card & Password Capacity 1000
    Rejection Rate  ≤0.15%
    False Acceptance Rate ≤0.00004%
    Working Temperature -30℃ - 60℃
    Operating Humidity < 95%RH (non-condensing)
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