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ATH06 Thermometer (T & H Sensor)

ATH06 Thermometer (T & H Sensor)


ATH06 Tuya Smart Thermometer (T & H Sensor)


Temperature and humidity are two fundamental indicators of home comfort. They vary significantly according to existing conditions and affect your mood and health. With the help of the Linkoze Thermometer. Your smart home system will know how to make you feel better.

    • Dimensions: 51 x 51 x 16.5mm
    • Weight: 18.5g
    • Temperature Range: 5℃ - 60℃
    • Humidity Range: 20%RH - 80%RH
    • Wireless Protocol: 2.4 GHz-Wi-Fi | Zigbee3.0
    • Working Voltage: DC3V
    • Battery Type: AAA
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