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Tuya Smart partners with SPC to create easy-to-use multi-platform IoT solution

Madrid, September 17, 2018 - Spanish consumer electronics brand SPC presents a revolutionary line of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for the Digital Home that stands out for its ease of use and compatibility. This new range of products consists of 17 intelligent devices interconnected to each other and managed from anywhere easily thanks to the SPC IoT application available on Android and iOS. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be more than 50,000 million devices in the world ready to connect to the Internet, equivalent to an average of 6 devices per person. These objects collect information, process it and relate to each other to anticipate our needs. In this context, SPC is committed to offering a truly differential solution that can mean a new vision of the intelligent home from the hand of a strategic partner: Tuya, a powerful Asian startup that has developed technology capable of turning any element of our day to day into intelligent. In this connected world, SPC is committed to being at the forefront of technology in the Internet of Things in order to help us live more productively and efficiently, healthier, safer and fun.

SPC's new Smart Home product line solves the main impediments that have hitherto slowed down the implementation of the intelligent home (perception of "luxury", lack of security, incompatibility between devices, the existence of many different apps for management, etc.) giving priority to safety, ease of use and comfort. In addition, it not only allows remote control and programming of our devices, but also makes it possible for them to interact with each other.

Within this framework, SPC presents 17 intelligent solutions that are distributed in four different areas: security, energy, lighting and comfort.

Lighting: light in the home is a vital element that completely transforms the environment and mood of people. Now, with smart bulbs developed by SPC you can activate, modulate or transform the lighting to easily create light scenes to your liking. SPC has designed 7 models of bulbs and LED strips with different colour temperatures that can be adjusted to any type of location to create warm, relaxing, inspiring or fun spaces.

Power: imagine the possibility of controlling your electrical appliances from anywhere. The smart home is now a reality. With SPC's Power products, you can conveniently turn on or off devices connected to the power supply remotely, so you won't have to worry about forgetting something plugged in again. Save time and energy with the Clever Plug and Clever Power Strip.

Security: The Internet of Things takes a big step toward keeping people connected. SPC's range of intelligent security products is made up of video cameras that give you the peace of mind of seeing that your loved ones are doing well, especially for the most vulnerable, such as children and the elderly. The Lares and Teia cameras keep your home under control, while the Angel baby monitor keeps an eye on the little ones while they sleep.

Comfort: The comfort product collection takes care of household chores to make your life more comfortable and simple. SPC has created new home automation devices such as aroma diffusers, infrared controls and vacuum robots. Baamba and Baamba Gyro 4.0 sweep, vacuum and pass the mop. They have several intelligent cleaning modes and have a cliff sensor to avoid stairs and other falls. You can program the cleaning of the house with a single touch of the screen from the application SPC IoT to find an ideal environment when you return.

The possibilities of interaction with technology are increasing and the Internet of Things has come to transform people's lifestyles. The benefits that SPC brings with its new Smart Home line based on IoT are infinite. The advantages derived from this innovation will be visible in our work, in our leisure time, in the management and enjoyment of the home and even in the environment. For more technical information on the different devices that make up SPC's new IoT range, please consult the complete catalogue here.

About SPC SPC is a technological brand specialized in the development of mart products for people and companies. Their objective is to respond to the needs of a society that wants to be connected, that looks for mobility, that has a smart vision on technology, using it with intelligence and way of knowing, with the objective of making their lives better. SCP has more than 25 years of career in the IT sector and nowadays they are launching a wide range of smart products as tablets, smartwatches or Bluetooth speakers. Their objective is to place technology in the rage of everyone, designing products that combine quality, functionality, price and design for current trends.

About Tuya Smart Tuya Smart makes technology solutions for OEMs, turning traditional devices such as lighting sockets into IoT-connected devices for the smart home. Tuya Smart has developed thousands of software and hardware products for companies including TCL and Archos, and currently serves over 10,000 clients across the globe, reaching millions of consumers with over 20 billion daily device requests and more than 6 million daily AI interactions. Tuya’s cloud service, which has accumulated data upwards of 1PB (petabyte), complies with high-level encryption technology to guarantee its client’s data security with GDPR certification.

Founded in 2014, Tuya Smart has offices in Silicon Valley and has data centres in Portland (Oregon, US) and Frankfurt (Germany). Tuya Smart is the first global platform that fully works with Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT.

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