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Tuya Smart Makes its Presence in Light+Building; Smart Lighting Solution Enjoys a Popularity Boom

On March 18th, 2018, Tuya Smart made its appearance in the Light+Building in Frankfurt, Germany. At Light+Building, a leading trade fair of the industry, there were over 2,600 exhibitors and more than 210,000 visitors coming from outside Germany. The highlight of the trade fair this year was the current design trends in the lighting market, exhibitors' edge-cutting inventions and expertise.

Tuya Smart is a global intelligent platform that provides an array of smart lighting solutions for traditional lighting companies. The smart lighting products enabled by Tuya and displayed at the fair in Frankfurt include smart light whose brightness, color and temperature are adjustable, and Bluetooth mesh light matrix on which consumers can play the snake game. The three features of smart lighting, namely voice control, automation and scenario selection are also presented. The smart lighting solution for Tuya can use a variety of networking modes, including WiFi, bluetooth, bluetooth mesh, ZigBee, and so on.

For example, the facial recognition function enabled by Tuya for AI camera allows users to turn on the light with their faces, directly control the speaker on the table, and adjust the color and brightness of the smart light in the room at will. When the user is out of the monitoring scope of the camera for a long time, the camera will identify that the house owner has left, and the light will get dimmer, and finally turned off.

Apart from being able to understand instructions, smart lights can also interact with other intelligent devices.

In Tuya's Smart Home solution, there is a smart mattress that is enabled to monitor the sleeping pattern of the user lying on the bed. Many senior citizens like to watch TV right before bed. So it is commonly seen that when the elderly is sleeping, the light and TV are still on.

However, as old people tend to have a light sleep, light and noise can easily wake them up in the midnight, thus worsening their sleep quality. Thankfully, this problem can be solved by the interaction between smart light and smart mattress. Once the sensor band notices that the senior has fallen asleep, it will dim the light slowly, turn down the TV gradually, and finally turn them off.

In the era of intelligence, lights can do more than lighting. At night, they can help people fall asleep by getting dimmer, while in the morning, they can wake people up by getting brighter. Thanks to the Bluetooth mesh technology, the color and brightness of any of the light in the matrix can be changed as you like. Creating a marquee display is a piece of cake. Users can play the snake game and Pac-Man on the light matrix, and even can make their drawing room as fancy as a night club by pre-setting color scenarios.

Smart lighting is only one out of the wide spectrum of solutions on Tuya's global intelligent platform. The company is working on smart solutions ranging from home appliances, big and small, to power accessories, lighting, and surveillance equipment etc. to make conventional products smarter in an efficient and easy-to-use way.

Tuya Smart is serving over 10,000 clients in nearly 200 countries and regions worldwide, assisting them in upgrading some 11,000 smart products from 36 categories including household appliances, smart kitchen, environmental protection, health and security camera. Tuya Smart realizes connectivity between products of various brands and has its footprint in every aspect of smart home.

Intelligent technologies have paved the way for designing lights from a new perspective. The focus of innovating lighting technologies is being shifted to consumer's needs. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is gaining its ground. In the future, Tuya's global intelligent platform will create smart lighting solutions for more lighting companies around the world, and strive for the development and maturity of global smart lighting market.


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