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Tuya Smart Completes the Series C Funding ¥100M Goes to Its Global Alliance for intelligence Network

It has been an extraordinary year for Tuya to witness both Series B and C rounds within a short time of nine months since last October. The lately closed Series C funding consists of Australia’s sovereign wealth fund Future Fund, NEA, CICC Silicon Valley Fund, China Broadband Capital, Quadrille Capital, C.M. Capital and other financial institutions, with the generous capital injection of which Tuya would further its journey in piloting the smart manufacturing in China.

There was a time when the Internet industry was in full swing but intelligent hardware still not popular. Since the year of 2014, Tuya has been developing its own IoT OS developer’s platform. We set up an AI team, which focuses on integrating AI technology with IoT devices, and helping clients make their products and services smarter. We also came up with the first Plug and Play solution in IoT, which can be seen as the operating system in IoT.

In addition to AI technology and IoT OS product, Tuya’s Global IoT Omni Channel developed a four-layer mechanism in order to solve the last-mile problem concerning the distribution of smart products. With the determination to promote the overall industrial ecosystem, Tuya Smart has been making great endeavors, including establishing the Intelligent Academy and initiating the Intelligent Business Investment Alliance.

With the new funding, Tuya will continue to promote technological innovations in AI+IoT, materialize Smart Home, Smart Business, Smart City, create new IoT’s consumer scenarios, and help more than 100,000 enterprises make their services and products smarter across the globe.

In the future, Tuya Smart will recruit more talents and make full use of its unique advantages in AI+IoT to reconstruct the interaction between manufacturing brands and consumers, adding value-added services to traditional purchase, such as product upgrade, after-sales and customized service. We would exert ourselves in enabling consumers to experience “Smart Life, Smart living”, a smart platform connecting everything around the globe.


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