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Niko Dimmer Switch

Niko design supports the Philips Hue ecosystem With the new dimmer switch from Niko you can not only turn on and off smart lighting from Philips Hue, but you can also call up or dim pre-programmed light scenes at the touch of a button. The switch is easy to program via the Philips Hue app. As Friends of Hue, the Niko switch is fully compatible with all Philips Hue solutions.

The Niko dimmer switch integrates seamlessly into your interior and fits perfectly with your other switch material. The dimmer switch is available in Niko Intense White and Niko Intense Antracite. Thanks to the wireless control you can mount this dimmer switch on the wall without caps or breakage. The dimmer switch also works on kinetic energy and therefore you do not need batteries. You can connect up to 25 Niko dimmer switches per Philips Hue bridge.

Main features of the Niko dimmer switch:

*Cordless and battery-free switch, easy to install by means of screws or double-sided tape

*Can be set to your size. Thanks to the four push buttons you choose:

– Or imagine your 4 favorite light scenes

– Or combine your 2 favorite light scenes with the dimming function

*You can connect up to 25 Niko dimmer switches to 1 Philips Hue Bridge

*Available in 2 colors: White and anthracite


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