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Netatmo Bringing Their New Doorbell Cam to HomeKit

Straight after the announcement by a Netherlands base company of their forthcoming ‘Proline’ doorbell cam, complete with HomeKit compatibility no less, Netatmo have announced their own doorbell cam. As with all existing doorbell cams, like Ring and August, it features an integrated doorbell, speaker, microphone and camera that can notify you of doorbell presses, visitors or any unrecognised movement, via Netatmo’s ‘People detection’ feature, or allow you to converse with anyone at your door via the intercom, wherever you are in the world.

The Smart Video Doorbell, as it’s known, will replace any standard hard-wired doorbell, and uses wi-fi for connection. You can also store recorded video in the same way you can with their HomeKit Welcome camera, via an SD card or via Dropbox or a FTP server.

The Doorbell camera supports 1080p video quality, but also includes an HDR function to cope with sudden changes in brightness. Infrared night vision is also built-in, so you’re able to see in the darkest of conditions, along with anti-theft and tampering detection as well as being fully weatherproof.

Although this product is not slated for release until the second half of 2019, the fact that this is in a product class that was widely (mis)reported as dead last year as far as HomeKit was concerned, it seems to have re-energised a lot of HomeKit fans, who’d all but given up hope of seeing a suitable video doorbell, following the dashed promises of some of the larger names.


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