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LifeSmart ‘Blend’ Color Bulb – Wifi Model

Important Note: For reasons unknown at this time, the LifeSmart app (client version 1.1.8p3 and above) for iOS no longer has the HomeKit code generating feature, so you will be unable to add the Smart Station or Smart Alarm to HomeKit.

*Capable of over 16 million colors with adjustable brightness and preset lighting effects, a perfect way to add various ambience to any room

*Easily set the mood for romantic dinner or seamlessly transition to a party.

*The Lifesmart Wifi bulb can interact with the entire lifesmart home system. Let your lights change to your desired ambience based on the time of the day or even by opening the door.

*Set the mode of the bulb, let the bulb work automatically for you, just like waking you up on the morning or closing all lights at night.

*Light colors can be changed automatically via Siri/Homekit (LifeSmart Smart Hub required).


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