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Kimitech smart LED Colour Bulb

Convenient to Connect by APP Connect to your phone or tablet directly via Wi-Fi, use the app to control the brightness/colors. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant with voice control.

More Brighter & Colorful Millions of color options at your fingertips,adjust the color and brightness via your APP to create the right atmosphere to work or relax, easy to emit Color, Daytime light, White lighting. The brightness of every color is dimmable. The smart controls will forever change the way you control and experience light.

Easy to Install Scan the QR code to download the APP, install the lamp (E27 base) and use the APP to control the Wi-Fi bulb (No Hub Required).

Save on Energy and Longer Life Smart led bulb Reduce power usage up to 80%, rated life span 30000 hours. Can be used in the home indoor lighting, hotel, meeting room, restaurants, bar, cafe, cocktail party, birthday party, etc.

One year warranty Feel free to contact us if any doubt about setting up your device. 1 year warranty service.


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