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TYGWZW-01 Wireless Zigbee Gateway

TYGWZW-01 Wireless Zigbee Gateway


The gateway is the control center of smart home devices.
It communicates with other smart devices throught the Zigbee Protocol.
Even if your home Wi-Fi is unstable or interrupted, other devices will still work.

  • Name: TYGWZW-01 Tuya Wireless Zigbee3.0 Gateway
    Battery specifications: 5V/1A
    Operating temperature: -10℃ -55℃
    Operating humidity: 10% - 90% RH
    Wireless connection: Zigbee

  • 1*TYGWZW-01 Zigbee smart gateway
    1*User manual
    1*DC 5V power supply
    1*Power adapter
    1*Network cable

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